Novastarr lives and breathes creativity. She enjoys exploring different mediums and styles ranging from abstract acrylic on canvas to cartoonish digital art on apparel. recently, she has been focused on creating content for youtube and illustrating coloring books available for sale. You can find some of her artwork for sale on Shopify or GoImagine, as well as hire her services on Fiverr and Behance. 
From a young age, Novastarr has been drawing, doodling, and coloring on everything in front of her. No furniture, clothing, or wall was safe from the endless scribblings of a creative child. Soon, the domestic graffiti became sketches, illustrations, and paintings. Throughout schooling, Novastarr studied multiple art disciplines, completely ignoring the advice of her instructors and peers to focus only on one.
Since college, she has developed a vastly diverse portfolio of creative work including murals, canvas paintings, digital graphics, coloring books, and decorated iced cookies. Every piece Novastarr creates is infused with the same passion and playfulness that marked her childhood scribblings. 
Whether you're looking to add a unique touch to your home with a custom mural, need a standout design for your business, or want a beautifully illustrated coloring book to unwind with, Novastarr’s work promises to bring joy and inspiration into your life.
Join Novastarr on her artistic journey and bring a piece of her creativity into your world. Explore her collections on Shopify or GoImagine, and if you’re ready to create something truly special, reach out to her on Fiverr or Behance. Don’t just admire art—make it a part of your story.
Keep creating. Connect with Novastarr today.
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